What is Salt Therapy ?

What is Salt Therapy?

The amazing benefits of salt therapy (aka ‘halotherapy’) first came to light in the mid-1800s when a health official in Poland made the observation that salt mine workers rarely suffered from any colds, respiratory ailments or lung diseases. A relaxing 30 minute session in our "salt-beach room" helps with numerous symptoms of the respiratory track as well as skin conditions.

A Salt therapy treatment consists of sitting in a comfortable zero-gravity lounge chair in our "salt Beach" room for approximately 45 minutes. While there, our halogenerator will be putting finely misted pharmaceutical grade salt out into the air which will be breathed in by clients and lightly mist onto your skin. Because salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, this can have a very positive effect on people with respiratory issues (seasonal allergies, asthma, COPD, etc.) and can also aid with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. While in the room, you will hear the calming sounds of a beach front and be in-front of a video of the same tropical beach. It is also a very relaxing, meditative time for many clients, especially if they do it alone. However, many people do it with a friend or spouse and have a wonderful conversation while getting the treatment. Many people fall asleep during the treatment, which is totally fine and will take very little away from the benefits of the treatment.