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May 28, 2024 - September 1, 2024

Free outdoor Yoga every single day, all summer long!

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Join us for a weekend camp trip filled with family, peace love and Yoga!

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You will be cued into a selection of poses. A variety of props (blankets, bolsters, chairs, eye pillows etc.) will be supplied to support and stabilize the body and promote relaxation and renewal.

Each pose will be met with an experienced licensed therapist who will help bring ease and and comfort to famous places you carry tension: the neck, back and shoulders.



June 15, 2024 1pm

Whether you're an avid runner or the occasional jogger this is a great class for you! This workshop will be full of tips to help loosen up those tight hips and hamstrings while working to stabilize the core and improve balance.

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June 18, 2024 5:30pm

A slow paced interactive course to learn the basics of Yoga including poses, history, breathing and meditation. Price is $100 for all 6 weeks.

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June 23, 2024 4pm

Soma Cura will be hosting, Allison Collins, lead cellist in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra.

Allison will be playing her cello, live, during Peg's restorative class.

Be sure to pre-register to save yourself a spot!

Class price is included in your membership or use a class pass. We do request at least a $5 donation for the musician.

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June 23, 2024 2:30pm

Interested in YTT but have questions or need more information?

Learn all about what our Soma Cura Wellness Center's Yoga Teacher Training program and see if its for you!

Meet some of the instructors, get details on the curriculum and books used during the course.


June 28, 2024 6pm

Partner Yoga allows for the deepening of poses through gentle touch as well as our relationships to those around us. With patience, trust, communication and empathy we will explore common poses facilitating the opportunity for greater understanding of our practice and our community. Bring a friend or make a friend - class is open to all levels.

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July 17, 2024 6pm


Experience mindfulness while walking outside in our beautiful summer weather!

Meet us at Scenic Woods Park

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July 19, 2024 6pm

Don’t Drop the Block (unless you’re instructed to)! Props aren’t just for support. This fun and challenging class will showcase how utilizing yoga blocks can both deepen our awareness on our movement, by forcing us to slow down, and add intensity to the postures. We’ll strengthen our focus by using blocks as our Drishti and we’ll strengthen our muscles by balancing them on different parts of the body as we travel in and out of asanas. Plus, every time the block drops, (because inevitably it might!) we’ll get to train our mindfulness muscle, not letting the external circumstances affect how we internally feel. Every time it hits the ground, let it do so without care, just like a leaf.

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July 26, 2024 6pm

Props can help enhance your yoga practice by either deepening or bringing ease into the pose.

Vanessa will lead a one hour class using the wall as a prop in every pose in the practice. Learn new and creative ways to use the wall!

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July 27, 2024 4pm

Kirtan is an Indian musical art form that includes the listeners in the form of call-and-response singing. Your leader, Marla, a second generation Indian-American who lives in Rochester, NY, will lead you through listening and warm up exercises so that you are comfortable participating. This is not a performance, but a yoga experience where you come into greater connection with your own voice and how you express yourself in the world. This is an excellent workshop for someone who would like to deeply connect to their voice, loves to sing, loves mantras, chanting, or is a yogi. When we chant in Sanskrit we connect to what the yogis heard deep in the Himalayas and eventually wrote in the Vedas. We don’t just understand it on an intellectual level, but on the level of personal experience.

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July 14, 2024 5pm

Enjoy a All-Level class led by Vanessa with Helen Ceppaglia on the violin.

Regular memberships and class passes will be accepted for this class. We only request you bring a minimum $5 donation for the musicians

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August 11, 2024 11:30am

Did you know you can do yoga even when away from your mat? The Yamas and Niyamas are yoga’s guide to living our every day lives and teach us how to be in the world with more authenticity. We will review the 10 principles and find how we can incorporate these ideas into our everyday living. If you’ve ever felt like you want that just-finished-yoga feeling all week long, this conversation is for you!

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