New to Yoga

What Is Yoga?

What Is Yoga?

“Yoga” comes from Indian philosophy. It literally means “union” and refers to the union of the individual’s soul with the universal.
Yoga is a low-impact exercise program designed to increase your strength, flexibiliby, and endurance, while simultaneously helping you quiet your mind so you can be a more mindful and aware person throughout your day. People of all fitness levels-complete beginner to extreme athletes-will find yoga both easily accessible and very beneficial. For many who practice (yogis), the mindful benefits of yoga ultimately outweigh the physical benefits.

Do I need to be Flexible?

No, here is the crazy truth about yoga – you don’t need to be flexible. But if you keep up with your practice you may just be able to touch your toes!

What class should I start with?

If it is your first its encouraged to go to our Yoga 1 class or an All Level class. That will help you learn the basics. You’re always allowed to move up or down to any class. Our instructors will always be able to help you and/or give you alternative positions during the class.

Why does Yoga have its own language?

The language of Yoga is Sanskrit is an ancient language of India (one of the oldest of all human languages – wow). You’ll hear it used mostly in yoga classes to describe poses and postures. Click here to learn about some of the famous yoga words like Namaste.

Is Yoga a religion?

It’s not a religion – Yoga is a philosophy and an approach. Some positions have historic religious elements for example the Surya namaskar aka sun salutations is a series of positions designed to greet Surya, the Hindu Sun God.

Will it help me lose weight?

Yes, yoga can help you lose. It is a natural way for your body to relax and detoxify which are all components to losing weight.

What do I wear?

You don’t want to wear clothes with zippers, buttons or snaps. A breathable cotton fabric or anything with lycra for ultra-stretch-ability is ideal. Women usually wear a supportive bra with a tailored fit and leggings or slim fit shorts. Men usually wear pants that taper at the ankle with a tank or a t-shirt and a pair of comfy basketball shorts but might want to put cycling shorts underneath. It all depends on your comfort and range of movement as well as the class. If you’ll be going to one of our meditative, restorative or alternative class (a chair will be used) you probably want something more comfortable, looser and baggier. If you are going to one of our hot yoga classes you’ll want to wear something lighter more breathable.

Should I eat before hand?

Yoga helps to detoxify the body, so you don’t want to eat to much before a class. If you’d like to eat something have something light. Make sure to drink before and after a class. You can always bring a water with you but it is better to drink it after.