Streaming Yoga Classes


Sedona Studio @ Soma Cura

Yoga video classes and meditations

Find pre-recorded or live classes led by your favorite Soma Cura instructors right here, available on your computer, phone or tablet wherever you may be. Just unroll your mat, and hit play.

On your first visit to our online class website, you will need to register, and after that, you will be able to try out all we have to offer.

Yoga, Massage and Salt Members will have free access during the Covid-19 shutdown. Others may exchange class passes for membership or simply pay for monthly access with a credit card.

Below, you will also find some Yoga classes we made available for free on You Tube.

Current Schedule of live streaming classes


9:00 AM Yoga 2 Sue

11:30 AM Alternative Yoga Vanessa

6:30 PM Yoga Nidra Anne


10:30 AM Yin Sue

12:00 AM Yoga 1 Lynn

7:00 PM All level Yoga Kim


9:00 AM Yoga 2 Vanessa

11:30 AM Restorative Peg

5:30 PM Barre Diane


12:00 AM Yoga 1 Anne

6:45 PM Hot Flow Cheryl


9:00 AM Pilates Peg

11:30 AM Alternative Sue


7:45 AM All Level Yoga Kelly

9:15 AM Hot Flow Desiree

11:00 AM Kids Yoga Ashley


8:30 AM Yin Sue

10:00 AM Yoga 2 Kim

1:00 PM Moving In Meditation Jim

A video guide showing how to Stream Yoga classes