Streaming Yoga Classes

Yoga video classes and meditations

Find pre-recorded or live classes led by your favorite Soma Cura instructors right here, available on your computer, phone or tablet wherever you may be. Just unroll your mat, and hit play.

On your first visit to our online class website, you will need to register, and after that, you will be able to try out all we have to offer.

Yoga, Massage and Salt Members will have free access during the Covid-19 shutdown. Others may exchange class passes for membership or simply pay for monthly access with a credit card.

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Hello Soma Cura Folks,

We can’t thank you enough for bearing with us on this online streaming adventure. Thanks for your patience and love! We miss you all and hope you are staying healthy and safe

We are continuously and quickly learning with you how to navigate the virtual world to bring you yoga classes.

2 weeks ago, we brought you free pre-recorded classes that you can view at anytime.

Last week, we started our free live-streamed classes so you can practice virtually with your instructors.

This week, we are moving to collaborative live-streaming classes so you can have even more of a live class using the Zoom platform. You’ll still sign in the same as you previously have through our streaming website (Namastream), but then you’ll get a prompt to download (or open) Zoom to sign into the class. There are a few more steps to click through, but once you it, it is easy to replicate.

You’ll be able to talk to the instructor and the group before and after class. During class the instructor will mute everyone’s audio so there are no interruptions. Your instructor will be able to see you to give you cues and a more interactive class. This is optional, you can turn your video off at anytime and still be able to see and hear the instructor. It is important for us to know who you are in the class (especially if you are using your insurance benefits or silver sneakers), if your username is not your full name, please click on participants and click on your name to change it. This is just for reporting and our records only.

Next week, on Monday, April 5, we will be moving to a paid program. However, if you have a Soma Cura “Auto-pay” membership for Yoga, Massage or Salt, your online classes are included in your membership for free until we are back in the studio. You will receive a separate email with instructions on how to set that up.

If you are not a member, you can still enjoy our online courses by signing up for a monthly membership. To get you started, use the coupon NEWTOSOMAOL for $10 off your first month of streaming classes.

Thank you.