Studio Announcements

September 3, 2020 Update- Indoor Yoga begins!

Hello Soma Cura Community

We are pleased to announce that starting Tuesday, September 8 we will once again be holding indoor Yoga classes,. However, we will also continue to offer our outdoor classes as well as long as weather permits.

Like we have always done with our outdoor classes, indoor classes will follow all of the health guidelines of New York State, and have been certified by the Erie County Dept. of Health. In addition to these guidelines, we are also going to be using UV light, similar to what hospitals use, to further ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Look for the new schedule on-line and on the app, and please note the location of the class you are signing up for.

New procedures for indoor classes.

Props(blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps etc.) and mats are no longer available for rental or free community use. You must bring your own mats and props to class.

Class size is limited to a maximum of 14.

You must preregister for class on-line, through the app, or over the phone.

Clients must:

-Complete a health questionnaire each day prior to doing class. Please cancel your reservation if you are feeling ill or have any COVID symptoms.

-Arrive and be in the room for the class BEFORE it begins. No exceptions.

-Wear a mask while in the studio and during the class.

-Have a class pass or membership on your account to register for a class.These may be purchased while registering for a class if need be.

*If a client registered for a class and either do not show up, show up late or cancel your registration less than 60 minutes prior to a classes starting time, you will be charged for the class. If you are a member and you register for a class and you no-show or late cancel, you will be charged a $5 no-show fee.

Clients must comply with any standards of behavior the studio adopts while we are still responding to the COVID issue. Soma Cura's ability to operate depends on our staff and clients adhering to regulatory guidelines. Failure to do these things could result in the closure of Soma Cura by government agencies.

* These new rules regarding no-show and late cancellations are due to the limited on class sizes. In the past, when we were able to have up to 45 people in the room, no-shows and late cancellations were not big concerns as we had the room to handle them and still not have to turn away potential clients. With class size limited to 1/3 their former size, a no-show or late cancellation will be both depriving potential clients of a class and depriving the studio of potential revenue. We hope you understand and appreciate this. We wish we could have continued with our prior procedures, but the current regulatory and safety climate dictates we make some changes to ensure we can be here today, tomorrow and in the future.

Studio Update, Thursday, June 11

Soma Cura's Re-opening is just around the corner.

Much has happened in the last week, and plans we have been preparing for the last few months to reopen will finally start to be put in motion.

We have been preparing to make Soma Cura as safe as possible when we reopen for all of our treatments, classes and services for our employees and clients.

Our own phased re-opening will be going in this order:

First will be the Salt beach, a great way to make sure your respiratory system is in its best shape to keep you healthy. This will be starting treatments on Wednesday, June 17, from 9am-2pm.

We are now limiting the number of people in salt treatments to 3 to maintain social distancing, and we are spacing out the appointments a little further to limit unnecessary client contact.

We have added some additional cleaning in between treatments and we are no longer providing blankets for the treatments.

Appointments are available to be booked online or by calling during our hours of 9am-2pm.

If things go as planned, Massage will be part of the Phase 3 re-opening and we will be able to start booking appointments Monday, June 15 and start providing appointments the week after that.

Massage treatments will have changes to them, and we will share those with you when we are absolutely sure of what is required. We already have our plan, and it exceeds all requirements of the state and the CDC, but there may be some last minute changes in these requirements so we will wait to publish our exact procedures. The biggest changes to massage treatments are 1. we are legally limited to operate at 50% of capacity , 2. there will be required use of PPE by our therapists and clients, and 3. the time in between appointments will need to be longer for some enhancements to our between treatment cleaning procedures. Exact details to follow.

Finally, Yoga in the studio is part of the Phase 4 re-opening, so that is still an indeterminate length of time away, however.....

Yoga outside is something we will be able to start, and we are moving forward on all fronts with this. We are hoping to have an OK from the Town of Grand Island for Yoga in the commons in hours from this writing. Thanks to everyone that contacted local officials on behalf of the outdoor Yoga. It definitely helped get it on the agenda sooner than it would have. We will be starting our "Road Yogis" Yoga tour next week with safe socially distanced classes taking place outdoors at various locations in the area, where the landowner approves of our bringing some Yoga to their homestead. Our first test of this is Sunday, June 14 for a yin class led by Sue at our house. These "in-person" classes will be donation based, pay what you can. When possible (technologically) these classes will be streamed. Much more detail to follow in the next couple of days.

SO in summary, salt treatments are available next week, Massage the following week (June 22), Yoga outside starts June 14 (More details to follow) and indoor Yoga at the studio is ..... in the future...

Thanks for all your support.

See you all very soon,

Matt and Sue

Studio Update, Sunday, May 17

Hello all,

As the shutdown of businesses in our area enters its third month, we still do not have any clarity on when Soma Cura will be able to resume regular operations in the studio for massage, Yoga, retail sales, and the Salt Room.

Our best guess, based on the ambiguous and conflicting messages we get from the government and media reports puts our reopening between 2 and 7 weeks after the reopening begins, assuming there are no new developments that make things worse. We are either "Phase 2" or "Phase 4" of the reopening plan.

We are still hopeful that we can start some outdoor classes in the near future, and will let you know when those OK's have been received.

Thank you all for your support and patience during this time. We hope you are well and have made the most of this time for yourself and your families.

We have been busy trying to plan for the reopening and looking at how we need to reorganize to make visitors to Soma Cura as safe as possible without losing the "sanctuary" feeling you've come to expect when entering Soma Cura.

Be well.

Matt and Sue

Membership status during the Coronavirus closure, Bonus for members!

During the State mandated closure of Soma Cura, we are giving people who are members a choice about what to do with their memberships.

We expect this closure to last for several more weeks, but not much longer than that. Based on this expectation, we are instituting the following policy for memberships. If it goes much longer than this time frame, we may have to revisit this plan.

First, all memberships with time deadlines, (Yoga memberships and salt room memberships) were paused as of March 16. Any time you had left on a month would be restarted once we are open again. So for example, if you had a yoga membership that had 15 days left on your most recent month, when we re-open, you will have 15 days left on the month you were working on. You will lose no time you have paid for.

Second, billing for memberships will continue unless you request that it be suspended. Any services purchased during the time we are closed will go on account to be used when we are open again. We will not expire any services on member accounts that are continued through the closure.. For those of you that can afford to do this, we sincerely appreciate the support during this stressful and difficult period.


If you maintain or start your membership during the closure on its existing autopay schedule, you will receive the following three benefits:

1. Unlimited use of our streaming Yoga classes, both live and pre-recorded (this is for Yoga, massage, salt or CLUB members).

2. A free salt room visit each time you are billed during the closure.

3. $10 bonus on your account for each time you are billed during the closure.

If you need to suspend your membership for your own circumstances, we completely understand. Please just let us know by e-mail ( or call us @716-773-1369. We will suspend your membership and you may restart it when you are able to..

We hope you and your family and friends are happy, safe and free from harm. We look forward to the day when we can again share a Yoga room with you, provide you a massage or salt visit, and otherwise rejoin our previous community.


Matt and Sue

5.7.2020 Soma Cura to be closed until further notice. Yoga now available on-line.

On Monday, March 16, the Governor ordered all Gyms to be closed until further notice.

On Friday, March 20, the Governor ordered all personal service Companies (salons, spas, etc.).

To be in compliance with this and to be good citizens, Soma Cura has decided to shut down completely until further notice.

We will give you updates as we have them, but for now we are following the guidance of authorities trying to do our part to slow the speed of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Yoga classes have been made available online and we will be enhancing that in the days and weeks to come.

Be safe. We will get to the other side of this, and we will shortly find ourselves on a Yoga mat under a tree in a park in July, listening to our favorite Soma Cura instructors.

Matt and Sue