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Sue Zinter, LMT/RYT

Sue has worked in the medical and health/fitness industry all her life. From Medical research and sales to holistic therapy and bodywork. Sue has always been fascinated by the human body's innate desire to be healthy and at peace. Continuing education in the areas of yoga and massage therapy keeps Sue attuned to the latest research so she can transfer the information she receives to each and every one of her client/group sessions. In Bodywork, Sue is a specialist in medical massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and general swedish massage. As a yoga student over the last 15 years, Sue has found her love of teaching, coupled with her ongoing training in the field of chair/alternative, medical, restorative and hatha yoga, has culminated into the quote " all rivers lead to the ocean" . Meaning, whether through body work or yoga therapy, clients will benefit from Sue's vast experience in the world of healing.

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