Massage therapy on Grand Island

Pricing & Packages

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Get your first 60 minute massage with us for only $50!

Massage Memberships

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30 Min Massage
60 Min Massage

90 Min Massage

30 Minute Massage

A 30 minute massage therapy session is perfect for the person
on the run who only has one or two muscle areas that need massage.

Single 30 Min.

We also offer 2 and 4-massage packages.
Please call (716) 773-1369

 or stop in for details.

60 Minute Massage:

A 60 minute massage session is for the client
who would like a relaxing massage,
as well as working out multiple areas of stress and muscle tension.

Single 60 Min.

We also offer 2 and 4-massage packages. 
Please call (716) 773-1369

 or stop in for details.

90 Minute Massage:

A 90 minute massage is for the client
who wants to be truly pampered.
Go ahead-treat yourself! You deserve it!

Single 90 Min.

We also offer 2 and 4-massage packages. 
Please call (716) 773-1369

 or stop in for details.

Couples Massage:

Enjoy a relaxing massage with that special someone
in our serene massage room.

1st Time 60 Min Couples Massage.................$100

60 Min Couples Massage...................$150

90 Min Couples Massage.................$210

Pregnancy Massage

We use a special table, allowing the expectant mother
to lay down on her stomach comfortably and relax.

1st Time Pregnancy Massage........................$50

60 Min Pregnancy Massage............................$75

Reiki (60 min - $75)

A Japanese form of  relaxation that promotes
self-healing on all levels. Clients receiving a Reiki
treatment do not need to disrobe.

Please call (716) 773-1369 to book a Reiki treatment.

Reflexology (30 min - $55)

If you'd like the therapist to focus solely on your feet and toes throughout your massage, you can book a 30 min. reflexology appointment for $55.00

Please call (716) 773-1369 to book a Reflexology treatment. 

If you'd prefer, the therapist will incorporate reflexology techniques into any 60 min. massage appointment for $10.00. Please call (716) 773-1369 if you'd like to add this to your 60 minute massage.


The following treatments can be added to any massage for even more relaxation.
Call (716) 773-1369 for details and to add these treatments to your massage.


Cupping Therapy
More Information on Cupping

Deep Tissue
More information on Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone
More Information on Hot Stone Massage  

MyoFascial Release
More Information on MyoFascial Release

More Information on Reflexology