Reflexology, Massage, Yoga on Grand Island

Reflexology - Sit back and allow the therapist to apply gentle specific pressure onto points on your feet and toes. These specific points are connected to different systems in your body, and ultimately promote a sense of equanimity. Dress in comfortable clothing and come ready to relax.

We offer two options for reflexology: 

Reflexology add-on: The therapist will incorporate reflexology techniques into any 60 min. massage appointment for $10.00. Please call (716) 773-1369 if you'd like to add this to your 60 minute massage.

Reflexology Appointment. If you'd like the therapist to focus solely on your feet and toes throughout your massage, you can book a 30 min. reflexology appointment for $48.00.

Please call (716) 773-1369 to book a relfexology appointment
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