March Newsletter

This month we are blooming into new things.  Beginning with a new class and new workshops.

We have continued offering free yoga classes and be sure to take a look at our special events.

Alz Rootz Newz

  Our newest menu item: Black Bean & Veggie Burger

Our newest menu item: Black Bean & Veggie Burger

New Hours!

9:30 AM - 7:30 PM

9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Pick up dinner now on your way home from work!


Don't Forget To Use Our Carry Out Service!

1.  Order Online Click Here 

2. Pull up to our store front

3.  Enjoy food and drink


free yoga in March

This is your time to introduce your friends and family to yoga at Soma Cura,  All of these classes will be free and will fill up so make sure you reserve a spot!

March 13th 4:00 pm Alternative Yoga With Sue
March 19th 8:00 pm Level 2 With Lindsay
March 28th 9:00 am Level 2-3 With Sue

Yoga Events

7 WOrkshops in the month of march

Create Your Own Eye Pillow/Restorative Yoga Workshop

Spring Cleaning Meditation - Release the anger from your heart.

An Arm Balance Workshop

Live Vibe Yoga Featuring Acoustic player & Singer - Mary Beth King

A workshop designed to benefit those with Parkinson's.

A Sun Salutation Workshop

Partner Yoga Workshop

Introducing our newest Yoga Class:

Learn breathing techniques, poses and gain strength and confidence while playing and moving with your child in a safe environment.  Dads/Partners/Caregivers welcome!

Join us Thursdays At 1:30


Spring Cleaning at Soma Cura

For those that have their yoga mats stored at the studio:  there will be a ribbon tied to each yoga mat.  Throughout the month of March, when you come in for class, please take the ribbon off and give it to the front desk person.  Any mat that still has a ribbon attached after April 1st will be donated.  

If you are unable to come in during the month of March but want to make sure your yoga mat is not donated, please call the studio 773-1369.