January Newsletter

Welcome 2018!  Soma Cura has exciting news for the beginning of this year!  In honor of the New Years we want to help you start this New Year right.  And that is through the practice of yoga.  Yoga provides plenty of benefits to the body from physical and emotional.  This is the month to take advantage of our free classes, new prices and workshops. 

free yoga in January

This is your time to introduce your friends and family to yoga at Soma Cura,  All of these classes will be free and will fill up so make sure you reserve a spot!

Thursday, January 4 @ 6:45 pm - Hot Yoga Flow w/Cheryl
Saturday, January 6 @ 7:45 am - Saturday Sunrise w/Rachel
Saturday, January 6 @ 9:15 am - Hot Yoga Flow w/ Desiree
Sunday, January 7 @ 7:00 am -  Moving in Meditation w/Jim
Monday, January 8 @ 8:15 PM - Yoga 2 w/Lena
Tuesday January 9 @ 5:30 PM - Restorative Yoga w/ Peg
Wednesday, January 10 @ 6:45 PM - Hot Yoga Flow w/Karen
Thursday, January 11 @ 6 AM - All level class w/Jeanne
Friday, January 12 @ 5:15 PM - Yoga 1 w/Lynn
Saturday, January 13 @ 12:15 - Kids Yoga w/Jeanne

Yoga Events

3 workshops and 2 live music events in January

2 Live Vibe Classes where musicians will accompany our yoga instructor as they lead you through inspired practices.

2 Beginner Workshops which are not only great opportunities for beginners as well as regular yogis to help you feel more comfortable and challenged in your practice.

1 Power Strength Yoga Workshop will help you through common poses and flows of a power yoga class. 

New Prices

We now have lowered our Yoga Membership price to as low as $65 a month for unlimited yoga for three months.  Take advantage of all the benefits that our membership packages offer.  

Haven't tried yoga or massage with us yet? 
We always offer our first time specials. 
60 Minute Massage For only $55! 
One Month of Unlimited Yoga $55